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Sponsorship Levels

Contributions of any size or shape will be welcomed and recognized. The following tiers outline the recognition that a donor may wish to receive in their honor or in the name of a loved one. For further information regarding formal acknowledgement of a donation in a different amount, you may wish to contact Peter Wallerstein at 310-455-2729.

Copper: A donation of $50,000 or more will enable Marine Animal Rescue to secure a new truck for day-to-day operations on the beaches of Los Angeles County. Fitted with the equipment MAR has designed especially for safely bringing ailing animals to the care center, a conversion engine that allows the truck to run on biodiesel, and your name or logo prominently displayed on both sides.

Bronze: A donation of $100,000 or more will ensure one temperature regulated, auto-filtered, 5-foot deep, saltwater pool for the rehabilitation of sea lions, harbor seals, and elephant seals. A plaque with a message or name of your choice will adorn the pool to commemorate your generosity.

Silver: A donation of $250,000 or more will provide a large portion of the solar paneling for the care center. Situated on the sunny, warm beaches of Playa Del Ray, these professionally installed, top-of-the-line solar panels will provide the electricity needed for the day-to-day lifesaving operations so badly needed in L.A. County. Your name or a name of your choice will be named as one of the key donors on the plaque directly outside the entrance to the care center.

Gold: A donation of $500,000 or more will construct either the surgery room, intake room, or one of the rehab rooms, named in your honor.

Platinum: A donation of $1,000,000 or more will not only pay for the necessary diagnostic and surgical equipment needed to assess ailing animals and determine the proper course of action to rehabilitate and release them back into the wild, but will name you as one of the key namesake’s of the care center. Your name will be one of ten prominently featured on a beautiful bronze plaque situated directly in front of the care center.

Diamond: A donation of $5,000,000 or more will guarantee you as the sole namesake of the entire care center. Example: “Bill Johnson Marine Mammal Care Center”

All sponsors, regardless of level, will receive name recognition and a link to their website on MAR’s website. They will also be formally recognized at the grand opening.

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