David Hertz Architects

Marine Animal Rescue is proud to be teaming with award-winning architect David Hertz in the planning and construction of the new Marine Mammal Care Center. Hertz’ environmental architecture is internationally renowned and locally employed in a variety of residential and commercial structures. Since 1983, Hertz’ innovative and sustainable vision has contributed to countless designs and products that are functionally brilliant works of art.

Friends of Animals and Marine Animal Rescue share the vision of respecting all members of the environment and welcome David’s charitable community involvement.

David Hertz, celebrated Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and a LEED Accredited Professional, bases his design on “the respect and efficient use of our human and natural resources with an overriding commitment to the greater whole.”  Featured in the design of the new Marine Mammal Care Center:

  • A water filtration system designed to self-contain and self-purify  —  chemicals and waste that contribute to ocean toxicity directly affect the animals MAR works to save on a daily basis.
  • State-of-the-art solar paneling providing 75% of the building’s power needs.
  • Heated concrete floors, powered by water collected on the roof, sent to an energy efficient heater, and circulated in a radiant heating system.
  • Passive ventilation systems and high-performance heat mirror glazing will eliminate the need for ambient temperature controls such as conventional forced air conditioning.

Marine Animal Rescue would like to thank David Hertz and staff for their
invaluable role in the
new Marine Mammal Care Center!

You can view David’s full biography and accomplishments at


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