Future Location of Care Center

Beautiful Beachfront Property Proposed Site For New Marine Mammal Care Center

Marine Animal Rescue (MAR) is excited that we have been successful in gaining critical support towards making the proposed location for the marine mammal care facility a reality.

MAR Care Center Future Location

Dockweiler Beach in Playa del Rey is owned by the State of California, and contracted to the County of Los Angeles is the authority of overseeing the state beach. To make this strategically located, multi-jurisdictional site a serious candidate for our proposed facility, we required the support from the State and from the County of Los Angeles.

MAR Care Center Future Location

MAR, with assistance from committee member Terry Tamminen (former Secretary of California EPA), received support from Ruth Coleman, Director of the California State Parks and Recreation about the proposed facility and the possibility of building on the state-owned property. In a letter MAR received from Director Coleman, she states MAR’s plan, “would be consistent with the State’s General Plan and with State Park policies. We look forward to seeing such a facility in the future, as it would provide an important service to the marine mammal resources in Southern California.”

MAR Care Center Future Location

The site at Dockweiler Beach is strategically located in a centralized location of Los Angeles County; in fact, most of the sick or injured mammals are rescued around Dockweiler annually— more than anywhere else in the county!

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